Friday, 11 November 2011

Absent friends

Hello all

Not seen you for a while. We started a new school and my son and I have had whooping cough!

I know what you're thinking,  no-one outside a Dickens novel gets whooping cough any more.
I wish you were right. There are now so many people in the UK that don't get vaccinated that occasionally the disease creeps through the net.  We were vaccinated but the nasty little bug has gotten clever and is stalking unsuspecting folk like us.
So, sorry to have abandoned you..... back soon, germ free and raring to go!

Oh yes...soap box moment.....
Get your kids vaccinations done and keep them up to date.
The tear on your child's face after being jabbed is nothing compared to what the disease could do.

See you soon,
Heli x 

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Floss said...

Oh, yikes - how dramatic and horrible for you all. Thanks for letting us know and hope all is well now.