Monday, 12 September 2011

Sea Creatures we go.... straight in this week!

We will make sea creatures and monsters from paper card and scraps. No drawing required just cutting and sticking. You can use almost anything, from coloured paper to old birthday cards, sparkly sweet wrappers to magazine pages.
The creatures might be fish, octopi, crabs and lobsters, jelly fish or just made up beasties!

This is what we're aiming for....

You will need.......

Supervised scissors
Sticky tape or cheap masking tape
Split pins are a useful luxury if you can buy them cheaply at a stationery store, a stapler is also handy but only for older kids and grown-ups.
Coloured scraps of card or paper
Shiny bits and sparkles
Pipe cleaners and strings or little ribbons, wool does nicely
And maybe a bit of string to hang them up.

Here's how to do it....

1.   The children will have lots of ideas but the easiest way to start is to glue a strip of card into a loop.

2.   Add as many legs as your creature needs.  The best way is to use sticky tape as the legs tend to fall off before glue has time to dry. Don't worry about how many legs the creature is meant to have.....I think the best sea monsters have lots and lots of different coloured legs!

3.   Now leave the kids to decourate madly adding fins, tentacles, tails, faces, teeth, pincers and scales.

4.   Hang the creature up with a piece of string once the glue has to hang it where it will give granny a nasty shock!

All done and well done!

And that's that....a really easy one but the children will go on to make endless variations, especially if we encourage them by making one or two of our own.

If you need inspiration there is a great book with fabulous pictures called "Fidgety Fish"
It's by Paul Bright and Ruth Galloway. You can get it in most British libraries, high street book stores and from Amazon. It's been one of our bedtime favourites for years. It has lots of sea creature pictures to feed the imagination.
(Dear Paul and Ruth, I hope you don't mind a free plug for your book!)

These simple models are great for developing the children's making skills but are even better for exercising their imaginations. If you ask questions like, "What does this one eat?" or  "Can this one creep out of the water?" or "He looks like a friendly chap, where are his friends?", the children will quickly make up stories to tell about them.
Slightly older children might record their stories in words or pictures, or even by video.

Having said that, you may just find that they use them as puppets and chase their little brother round the house with them, making, what I was assured were squid noises!
What noise does a squid make?.....perhaps I'm happier not knowing!

See you next week for pirate fun!

Heli x

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