Saturday, 4 June 2011

Indoor flower pots

So, here goes the first week's activity. Should have been earlier in the week but how silly was I to try to start a new project during half term holiday.  As I type, my two children are sitting in the paddling pool throwing buckets of water and rubber ducks at each other, while I snatch a few moments. They're nearly teenagers now and I hope they ever grow out of it ! 
My message to the world today.... don't let your kids grow up too quickly !

Right .... to business.....the first few ideas are all to do with gardens.
This week it's indoor flower pots. You can make them on a rainy day in the kitchen or outside in the sun if you're lucky.  Whether you live in the country or in a city apartment  you and your little ones can make window box flowers for next to nothing.

This is what we're aiming for....

Here's what you will need.....

Empty yoghurt pot or some other delicious pudding pot,
Paper or card, (I've recycled an old file divider),
Felt pens, or pencils,
White childrens glue,
Scraps to decorate (anything pretty that's going spare....shapes cut from old wrapping paper, sweety wrappers, tissue paper, crayons, glitter etc)
Supervised scissors.

How to do it......

1.  Draw large flower shapes on the paper and cut them out.  Draw them about the same size as the pot you'll put them in, (draw round the pot, even.)

2.  Decorate one side of the flower head with the pens and pretty bits. This is the arty bit. Let yourself go!  Lollisticks make good glue spreaders.

3.  Stick each flower onto a lollistick.  This can be the tricky bit.  It helps if you stick a bit of spare paper over the back of the stick, after you've stuck the stick flat side down on the back of the flower.  Don't move it until it's dry.  (if your flower is very heavily decorated you may need to use two sticks.)

4.  Stand the flowers in the yoghurt pot. (or in my case, the tesco chocolate mousse pot, yum!)  Yes... the pot now falls this is the clever bit. The grown-up takes the pot to the kitchen and makes a slit in the base of the pot with a sharp knife, just wide enough for the lollistick to pop through.  Now turn the pot upside down and shove the flower stalks in to the holes. It's upside down but it should stand up.

5.  Alternatively.....if you have a real garden you can fill a plant pot with soil or stones to plant your lolli-flowers. You can also fill your yoghurt pot with rice to do the same thing, but it always spills!

6. Display pots with pride.

All done and well done!

Try to let your little ones do as much of this for themselves as possible. If you get the urge to be arty yourself, then make your own . Although, obviously, your children's will be best!! 
All of these materials were scavenged from around the house with NO expense. If you must buy anything, buy childrens white glue. Smiths sell it and most art shops and many cornershops.

There we are then, and I only had to pause to untangle my own children twice!

Next week, another garden idea....tune in again.
(Thanks to husband for showing me how to load skills coming on steadily!)


Heli x